Left Hand of the Devil Western Book by J. W. EdickLeft Hand of the Devil

A Western Story by J. W. Edick

Corey Allen had a great childhood. Growing up in the 1800’s was grand, and he dreamed of owning a cattle ranch one day‚Ķ until the Miller gang killed his father and sister, and left him for dead. Swearing revenge, Corey became a master with a six-gun. Now he just needed to find the outlaws that tore his family apart. Is the innocent boy who wanted nothing more than to have a cattle ranch gone? Will hate consume Corey before he gets his revenge?

Left Hand of the Devil: The Corey Allen Story is a fictional Western novel about friends and a family with a small boy moving out west in the 1800s. The boy grows up, becomes a master with a six-gun, and dreams of owning his own cattle ranch someday. This book is suitable for all ages.

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Book Two of the Corey Allen Story (The Kidnapping of Judy Allen)